Yukon Suspension Bridge by Jeep

Our newest tour for 2019!

The tour starts with a brief safety orientation before separating into one of our individual four door jeeps. Each jeep holds up to four people, or five if they are in the same party. Don’t have four in your group? Not a problem, we will match you up!

Drive up the White Pass trail on The Klondike Highway in a guided convoy of our four door Jeep Wranglers. Along the way there will be multiple photo stops including The Welcome to Alaska Sign, Pitchfork Falls, and Tormented Valley, where you can get out and enjoy the scenery. Throughout the tour, your guide will bring to life the sights and history of the Gold Rush 1897-99. As with all tours on The Klondike Highway there is always a chance for viewing  wildlife, including bears, moose, eagles, and other critters. Our turn around point is the famous Yukon Suspension Bridge where you can walk 65 feet above raging rapids. This tour also includes either a visit to the Skagway City Overlook or a visit to the Gold Rush Cemetary with an optional hike to get up close to Lower Reid Falls, a stunning waterfall.

The world famous White Pass trail is a United States National Historic Landmark for the Gold Rush of 1897-99. The road runs parallel to the narrow-gauge railroad across the valley, so it is not uncommon to capture great train photos. Pitchfork Falls is the second largest waterfall in Southeast Alaska, dropping nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters) to the valley below. Tormented Valley, also part of the Gold Rush trail, is known for its unique rocky, moon-like landscape. On the edge of the alpine line, the trees and plants are permanently growth stunted. This special landscape has been featured in many movies including The Big White, featuring Robin Williams, and Disney’s Never Cry Wolf. The Welcome to Alaska sign is a wooden, hand carved sign located along the United States/Canadian border. With two glaciers and the stunning valley in the background, it makes for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. The Skagway city overlook has a spectacular view of the town and cruise ships from a distance. Finally, the Gold Rush Cemetery, where Skagway hero Frank Reid and villain Jefferson “Soapy” Smith were laid to rest after their infamous shootout in 1898. The optional trek up to lower Reid Falls is a short 5-10 minute light hike and is a must see for anyone able.

Pick up is at the ship for the 8am tour and at the Popcorn Store for all other times.

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