4 door Jeep $295/day (plus city & rental tax)

Our vehicles are Jeep Wranglers. The 4-door holds up to 5 people. They are equipped with automatic transmissions, and include maps and anĀ audio CD detailing the highlights of the drive.

There is around a 200 mile limit but that is more then enough to see all the sights, Emerald Lake, Carcross Desert, Caribou Crossing, and around the beautiful town of Skagway.

When you make a reservation, we will provide a map to our office which is just a scenic 10 to 15 minute walk from your dock. Or a city shuttle bus is available for only $2. At the conclusion of your day in Skagway, please gas up the vehicle and return it to our jeep lot.

Skagway and the surrounding area is very easy to navigate. The town itself is just 4 blocks wide and 23 blocks long, however, it is ourĀ 1 main road that lead you to even further adventures!

Passports are required for every participate! Most of the day will be spent in Canada. Please make sure there are no issues with you entering Canadian, such as criminal conviction in the United States.